Our Training

Personality Development

This workshop is designed for professionals (Executives to Middle level management) to enhance their personal effectiveness by building a positive personality. Topics such as Understanding Personality, Maslow’s Theory on Personality, Goal Setting, Time Management, Stress Management, Personal Effectiveness, Confidence Building, Social and Business Etiquette will be covered.

Time Management, Stress Management and Goal Setting

This topic is a strong aspect for developing Personal Effectiveness. The participants will understand the various methods of Time Management, Goal Setting and Stress Management so as to manage their personal as well as professional life better.

Email and Business Letter Etiquettes

An important part of Business Communication is Email and Business Letters. In today’s competitive global business environment, communicating effectively and in the right manner via emails and letters is of prime importance. This workshop will cover all the aspects of Email and business letter writing such as formatting, rules of writing, etiquettes and manners in writing, language used Salutation and greetings.

Corporate Etiquettes and Manners

To make an effective and lasting impression in today’s global competitive corporate world, it is very important that you know how to present yourself; the way you talk, the way you dine, the way you meet people in business. Corporate Etiquettes and Manners will cover topics such as Understanding Corporate Culture, Conversation Skills, Meeting and greeting, Power Dressing, Dining Etiquettes, Cross Culture mannerisms and much more.

Behavioral Interviewing Skills

In this one day workshop, the participants will get an in depth overview of how to have a process for creating competency requirements for any given position, Understand why behavioral interviews are two to five times more accurate than traditional interviews. Identify the principles of behavioral, performance-based selection methods. Recognize the pattern of behavioral questions and use this pattern to design job-specific, behavioral, performance-based questions. Enhance professional interviewing skills with effective communication strategies and behavioral interviews techniques and develop a defensible scoring and evaluation process. This workshop is for Team Leaders and Middle Level management.

Managing Meetings

A one day workshops for Team Leaders and Middle Level Managers on The various types of meeting, how to organize a meeting, Decide the purpose, set agenda, manage discussion, prepare minutes, manage time and keep the right tempo in a meeting. The workshop will also discuss the various tricky situations that arise in a meeting and how to tackle the same.

Team Building

An independent workshop on team building for middle level managers, wherein the managers will understand the difference between a team and a group, the various levels of team formation, motivating and keeping a high moral in the team. The participants will also understand the team dynamics through Johari
Window, and importance of interpersonal communication leading to build a highly effective performance based team. The workshop is absolutely interactive with games, role plays and team exercises. This workshop is usually conducted outdoors.

Leadership Skills

A one day workshop for aspiring team leaders or managers. In this workshop, the participants will be introduced to the difference between a Leader and a Manager, Roles and Responsibility of a Leader, how to identify the leadership traits in one self and how to develop the Leadership skills. The workshop also deals with topics such as taking initiative, setting examples, taking ownership, building a strong character, positive thinking etc.

Recruitment Skills

A workshop designed specially for the new recruiters in the recruitment team. The workshop will make the participants aware of the complete recruitment lifecycle such as understanding job specification, writing down job profile, sourcing and outsourcing, understanding a resume, profile matching, right hire, organizing interviews, interviewing skills, reference checks, salary negotiations, types of assessments and the role of assessment centers and many such topics.

Organizational Goal Setting

A one day workshops for Middle level manager who are probably working with a startup company. The workshop deals with topics such as preparing a long term and short term goal, SWOT Analysis, Preparing the mission and vision statement, formulating the KRA’s, keeping track of your organization goal, communicating to the staff etc.

Client Interfacing Skills

A One day workshop dealing with Customer Service skills, Client Relationship Building, Handling Irate Customer or Client, Negotiation Skills and Cross Cultural Etiquettes and Manners

Mentoring and Coaching Skills

A one day workshop typically designed for Team Leaders and Aspiring Team Leaders. In this workshop, the participants will understand the various methods and approach to mentoring and coaching, the importance of mentoring and coaching, how to resolve conflicts, how to give positive feedbacks and how to be open to receive both positive and negative feedback

Our Others Topics for Students and Professionals

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Presentation Skills
  3. Time Management Skills
  4. Stress Management Skills
  5. Project Management
  6. Goal Setting
  7. Preparing for Interviews
  8. Negotiation Skills
  9. Problem Solving
  10. Decision Making
  11. Work Life Balance
  12. Entrepreneur Development Program
  13. Effective Public Speaking
  14. Leadership Skills
  15. Campus to Corporate
  16. The DNA of Selling
  17. Brand Marketing
  18. Change Management
  19. Effective Hiring Practices
  20. Interviewing skills
  21. Parenting (Balancing Family and Career)
  22. Voice and Accent
  23. Accent Neutralization
  24. Body Language
  25. Confidence Building
  26. Social Etiquettes
  27. Managing Emotions
  28. Customer Satisfaction Training Program (Customer Satisfaction courses are designed to give you a to achieve customer loyalty, lifetime value and improved brand value)

Management Development Training Program: This program is designed for Managers
Duration: 12 Days

Building a Successful Team
Communicating Effectively
Working with Difficult People
Personal Power and Effectiveness
Manage With Confidence
Inspirational Leadership
High Performance Motivation
Building Excellent Working Relationships

Management Professionals Development Program: This program is designed for students
Duration: 92 hrs

  1. Personal Development
  2. Management Skills
  3. Business Success