One of the biggest fear and challenge every student goes through is transition from college life to corporate life. Corporate organizations need employees and not trainees. There is a huge demand and supply mismatch in quality manpower in terms of skills, communication and etiquette. Training college students to make them more employable is one of the key challenges for most of the companies in India.

Our interaction with the Corporate Organizations and college students suggests that the lack soft skill is one of the foremost reasons for the low employability rate amongst Indian students. Sectors like IT, ITES, Manufacturing, Banking, Retail sector etc., require a lot of communication with clients/international clients.  Although some students are as good as their international counterparts in terms of knowledge, their lack of social skills such as ability to initiate and engage in a professional conversation is still lacking.

This program builds the confidence in the students to communicate effectively, overcome fear of communicating and present themselves professionally with a proactive approach.


These programs have been designed with the a core objective of empowering students for professional excellence

  • Understand and measure their skills and capabilities
  • Guide them individually and collectively through a well designed plan to attain their career goal
  • Build a career path with uniquely designed training program

Students Benefits

  • Self Assess and enhance their skills levels
  • Develop potential for Top Companies
  • Increase professionalism
  • Improve self confidence and self esteem

Institute Benefit

Why should you take this training?
It is not only the students but also the colleges and Institutions that benefit by conducting such workshops for their students. A College is considered to be more successful when the students walk out with clear goals and vision.

  • Students enhanced professionalism is directly proportionate to attracting best students to the institution
  • Organizations prefer to associate with the colleges that give trained professionals ready to be absorbed.

On Campus Training

  • Campus Recruitment Training
  • Aptitude
  • Life skills
  • Career Mapping
  • Domain Related
  • Culture training